Soilless Culture: Theory and Practice

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Significance of Soilless Culture in Agriculture

625 pages

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Mô tả

Significance of Soilless Culture in Agriculture

Michael Raviv and J. Heinrich Lieth

Functions of the Root System

Physical Characteristics of Soilless Media

Rony Wallach

Irrigation in Soilless Production
J. Heinrich Lieth and Lorence R. Oki

Technical Equipment in Soilless
Production Systems

Erik van Os, Theo H. Gieling and J. Heinrich Lieth

Chemical Characteristics of Soilless Media

Avner Silber

Analytical Methods Used in Soilless Cultivation
Chris Blok, Cees de Kreij, Rob Baas and Gerrit Wever

Nutrition of Substrate-grown Plants
Avner Silber and Asher Bar-Tal

Fertigation Management and Crops Response
to Solution Recycling in Semi-closed

Bnayahu Bar-Yosef

Pathogen Detection and Management Strategies
in Soilless Plant Growing Systems
Joeke Postma, Erik van Os and Peter J. M. Bonants

Organic Soilless Media Components
Michael Maher, Munoo Prasad and Michael Raviv

Inorganic and Synthetic Organic Components
of soilless culture and potting mixes
Athanasios P. Papadopoulos, Asher Bar-Tal, Avner Silber,

Uttam K. Saha and Michael Raviv

Growing Plants in Soilless Culture:
Operational Conclusions

Michael Raviv, J. Heinrich Lieth, Asher Bar-Tal and Avner Silber

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